Potash for Dahlias

When we were kids, planting the freshly-plowed-garden was a Spring ritual we all looked forward to. Gardening was instilled early in us kids. If I caught the gardening bug, it was then.

Potato planting always involved buckets of ashes. My Dad would dig a hole, put in a small scoop of ashes,  add the cut-up potato, and cover generously with soil. Dig another hole and repeat until the potatoes were hidden away in secret subdivisions.

Little did I know then that those ashes were potash or potassium for the health and wealth of the potatoes.

You might be wondering how potatoes arrived in this dahlia story? Dahlias and potatoes are a lot alike in that they are both tubers and both love potash.

The easiest way to get potash is in your wood stove. If you burn hardwood and have ashes, your potash department will be fully stocked and ready to deliver the goods.

Dahlias benefit from potassium as it keeps them standing strong in this heat wave. How?  It helps plants absorb water and nutrients that flow throughout the plants.

Now it’s time to go roast some marshmallows over the fire and make “s’mores” and receive a side perk. Potash. The plants and I will both get a treat. Win. Win.

Work smarter not harder.

Until tomorrow…

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