Pollinators Needed for Fruit, Nuts and Seeds

Start a seed bank and thank the pollinators. Eat an apple or some almonds and thank the pollinators.

Our partners in plant and food production are pollinators and they deserve more credit than they get.

A pollinator has a pollen route and it’s customers are flowers. The job description is to move pollen from the anther to the stigma, often paid in pollen which the pollinator carries home knowingly or unknowingly.

Bees feed on flower nectar and pollen is their protein source. They are so busy collecting pollen that they might not realize they are spreading good will for all of us. It’s possible they do know they are good at multitasking.

There are beekeepers who make a decent living by trucking their hives to fields or fruit and nut orchards to pollinate flowers. When flowering is finished, they pack back up the hives at night and truck them to the next location. More pollination means more fruit. Bees are fed and flowers are pollinated.

So often we just think of bees as pollinators when it could be other insects as well, an animal or humans.

Fido the dog, running through the garden gets brushed with pollen and could be leaving some on the next flower. Fido is delivering pollen. Good dog, Fido.

Today our cat tried to catch a pollinator (bee) on some plump-pink-clover blossoms. Thankfully when the cat pounced, the bee zipped away with it’s padded legs of golden pollen. I was delighted it got away and the cat (who has not been stung yet) jumped some more on the field clover for good measure or to fool me into thinking he actually caught it.

Until tomorrow…Run through the flowers and move some pollen around. Your flowers not the neighbors, they might like the smaller pollinators better. Every sweet bite you take of fruit, remember the pollinators who made it possible.

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