Dahlia Breeders…You Could Be One

Curiouser than the cat, I always want to know who the plant breeders are of my favorite dahlias. It is easier to look up who designs a clothing line than to find out the “designer” of a dahlia.

There are lots of designer dahlias available during the end of Winter through Spring and new ones are available each year. Some only traded or sold within a Dahlia Society, a perk for being a member. Often these new dahlias are offered at higher prices per tuber, to the tune of twenty five dollars to the public. You care for it like a pet when it arrives. “Are you warm enough, dry enough, fed enough? Are you happy here?”

In reality the cost compares to mere pennies if you calculate the effort that goes into breeding, seed saving, seed starting, planting out, digging up and storing tubers. It averages out to about two dollars and eight cents a month for the breeder. Less if you add in PayPal and the cost of a website. So we can’t complain about the price of the newly introduced dahlias.

Dahlia breeders are a unique group of people, they all love plants, and they are chasing the dream of creating a unique color or combination of colors and form. Many are living the dream already and have introduced a host of new dahlias.

Out of respect for their determination, I am going to share some of the talented plantsmen and women.

Dahlia Breeder

  • KA’s Cloud – Kristine Albrecht
  • Mary’s Jomanda – David Houghton
  • Charlie Briggs – Don Kershaw
  • The Cheshire – Eric Thompson
  • Lakeland Autumn – Bryan Warriner
  • Ryecroft Jan – Philip Godsmark
  • Sunset – Dave Hill

These are just a handful of the thousands and thousands of named dahlias. Listed are a few, new to us, we are growing this year.

The dream is possible for anyone, if you grow dahlias in your garden, chase the dream. Breed like dahlias with like dahlias—meaning—cross a decorative dahlia with a decorative dahlia, a ball dahlia with a ball dahlia, a cactus dahlia with a cactus dahlia, right down the classes of dahlias. Your success rate will be much higher.

Until tomorrow…Dream of ripening seed pods and names for your dahlia children. There are new dahlias to be germinated.

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