Dahlia Plant Pet Names

The Little Dahlia That Could. I nicknamed a stem shoot that I clumsily lobbed off of a dahlia tuber. I thought I had a careful grip.

It’s normal to give your plants pet names: Isn’t it? “Itsy Bitsy, Tiny Punch” and “Little Foot” are others.

I never toss the bud-stem-shoot growth away even if it is only two inches long like this one was. The shoot laid in the sun, got pocketed, and was finally poked down into a pot of scented geranium cuttings nearby who had been taking their leisurely time rooting.

The shoot could have been mistaken for a worm an inch above the soil and an inch concealed below. It was getting a chance to survive. It would be showered daily with the geraniums, I knew, and the dahlia shoot was in fluffy-rich compost. Then I promptly forgot about it.

Today we met up again, quite accidentally, The Little Dahlia That Could and I. It was when I gazed at the green scented geraniums. Puzzled, “What is this thing hidden in here? It looks just like a miniature dahlia,” I pondered. On closer inspection the light bulb flickered, connected, and I remembered.

Given a chance the meager shoot chose to take root. Bravo. It’s little burgundy-green growth had opened. It sent out a little root which will turn into a little tuber. Life is good.

Steve Meggos is the dahlia’s surname. These plants reach a towering fifty-plus inches with substantial, bronze-orange, eight-inch flowers. The Dahlia That Could will have some catching up to do and it’s on way.

I’ve yet to meet up again with the other little-dahlia-shoot chaps but when I find them sharing a tub with annuals, I’ll know them by name.

Until tomorrow…Spread a little cheer.

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