Floret’s Dahlia Book

Dahlia Farming with “Discovering Dahlias” by Erin Benzakein with Jill Jorgensen and Julie Chai. Photographs by Chris Benzakein and
published by Chronicle Books.

I first found Erin Benzakein of Floret, on the internet moons ago. She and her husband, Chris, were mixing up fresh fish bones into their compost pile with a tractor scoop. Perks of living in Washington state. My first thought was they know how to garden. I could imagine the odor and also the healthy plants later who could sink their roots into this organic goodness. Gardening is not all roses, it’s an ongoing effort to improve your soil every turn of the seasons and Erin and Chris are all about it.

I preordered Discovering Dahlias through Floret for the bonus of Dahlia seeds.

It’s worth noting that Erin started small with 2 acres, seeds, tubers and the love of flowers over ten years ago and now has published three hugely successful books that have won numerous awards. Kindness and sharing are two great assets Erin possess that have propelled her far.

Chris said in an interview that he tries to make his wife’s dreams come to life. His photographs in the book definitely bring the Dahlias to life. He and Erin make a remarkable team and Discovering Dahlias, is evidence of that.

Ahhh, you know it’s going to be good. And it’s better than good, it’s great.

Cheers also to Jill Jorgensen and Julie Chai whose contributions to the book make it complete. Hooray to Team Floret, those employees behind the scenes planting Dahlias, weeding, designing the fields, digging and splitting the tubers each season.

A small mention to Timmy the cat who is always too cool for school in all the photos. What a life Timmy has amongst the flowers. Timmy could teach her own workshop titled “Thriving With Flowers.”

Endorsed by two heavyweights in the media world, Martha Stewart and Joanna Gaines. I’ll add my featherweight Dahlia farm endorsement to the admirers as well.

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