What is a Flower Farmer?

Flower Farmer is a modern term for floriculture, for us smaller growers. It’s a lifestyle. It involves growing flowers, shrubs and plants (also called Specialty Cuts) for weddings, CSA customers, florists and possibly, farmers markets.

It is also a lifestyle that involves a lot of physical labor. One learns about anterior and posterior muscles of the legs quickly. The upper arm, three anterior and one posterior muscles, not to mention shoulder and elbows. Back to flowers though, it’s all worthwhile.

Most of us are family operated and have smaller acreage, even vacant lots in towns and backyards are put to use to grow annual and perennial flowers. There is a name for the latter, Urban Flower Farmer. How thrilling to have someone turn your yard into an oasis of flowers and be given flowers weekly as well. Many growers use weed barrier fabric so it looks very orderly and neat from the street.

You might be wondering how do they turn a profit just growing and selling flowers? The possibilities are wide open, marketing is key to profit.

Aside from selling flowers, workshops are offered on flower farms teaching the basics of flower arranging, flower design principles, when and how to harvest and how to care for flowers after harvesting.

Flower Farmers offer classes for seed sowing, harvesting and bulb/tuber storage. In the Fall wreath workshops using evergreens and dried fruit. Fabric dying workshops using plant material. Flower photography classes getting up close and personal with flowers. If there are bees on your farm, Beekeeping classes. Remember this lifestyle is one that can be shared teaching others about one’s own homegrown products. Flower Farmers are definitely creatives.

Another option for Flower Farmers is growing cut flowers strictly for Event Planners. The advantages are the number of flowers needed, and the colors are known the season before they are planted. Such a relief to have the numbers handed to a grower when ordering seed, tulip bulbs, etc. Knowing ahead of the planting season, how many dahlia tubers I keep and how many I can sell. Numbers handed to me on a silver platter. Thank you kindly.

I could not be happier as a flower lover that there are more flower growers this year than last year. There is much enthusiasm and support for locally grown flowers. Think less jet fuel in the atmosphere. Every bouquet of local flowers sold is one less flown in from overseas.

Flower Farmers also sow ambition, encouragement and the “You can do it,” attitude. They spread flowers and cheer around their community. Organic flowers. Fresh flowers. Fragrant flowers.

Until tomorrow…The flowers are calling me.

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