Dahlia Breeding Book Review

Such a fascinating world out there in the plant hybridizing world. Some breeders keep their hard-learned secrets hidden, but Kristine Albrecht believes in sharing the process of Dahlia hybridizing in her new book, “Dahlia Breeding For The Farmer-Florist and The Home Gardener.”

Yes. I purchased this book!

Kristine not only grows and breeds Dahlias she’s also the President of the Monterey Dahlia Society and a senior judge at Dahlia shows. Kristine knows every angle of Dahlias. She has introduced some very popular hybrid Dahlias to the gardening tribe such as KA’s Cloud, KA’s Rosie Jo and KA’s Kahleesi and others that have been continually winning ribbons at shows.

KA’s Mocha Maya,
photo credit Kristine Albrecht
I’m on the lookout to buy this one.

“Dahlia Breeding for the Farmer-Florist and the Home Gardener,” will give you the tips, tricks and necessary knowledge to start your own Dahlia Breeding trials armed with the know-how for success. Could you be the gardener that introduces the new Dahlia that is all the rage soon? It’s very, very possible.

Questions like which Dahlias should I cross? How do you handle pollen? How do you germinate Dahlia seeds?” All of the “How” and “Why” questions are answered by Kristine who has been brilliantly and successfully unveiling new Dahlias like clockwork. She’s also a good teacher.

I will share something that shocked me when reading her book. Kristine points out that Dahlia seeds can be frozen for long periods of time and still be viable. Shock-a-roo. They need to be dry before freezing them but I find that amazing for a tropical flower.

While we are in the sharing mode I’ll drop another revelation she mentioned that is helpful for those of us already working with breeding Dahlias. If a new Dahlia receives at least two blue ribbons in a year at Dahlia Shows, it will be listed in the CHD. It will have to continue to win blue ribbons at shows every two years to retain its place there. CHD stands for Classification Handbook of Dahlias.

My well-read 72 page,
paperback book of Kristine’s advice.

Maybe you just want more flowers of different colors or flowers just to sell to florists or give away. Regardless of why you are growing Dahlias, this is a book you’ll want to read from cover to cover especially if Dahlias have a place in your garden. This will definitely take your Dahlia knowledge up to new levels.

You know the saying, “Knowledge is power.” Power on with Dahlias.

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